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Prague: Charles Bridge

Constructed during 14th and 15th centuries Charles Bridge of Prague replaced Judith Bridge that was badly damaged during flods. Newly built Charles Bridge was originally called Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge to gain his famous today name Charles Bridge (after King Charles IV) in 1870. Up until year 1841 Charles Bridge was one and only one bridge crossing Moldau river (Vltava) in Prague. Charles Bridge is 621m long, roughly 10m wide, supported by 16 arches, guarded by 3 bridge towers and decorated by 30 mostly baroque statues. 

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Ibiza boat party

First Time in Ibiza

So you’re thinking of planning your first ever trip to Ibiza? This wondrous island offers everything, from sun kissed relaxation to partying like there is no tomorrow. However, planning a holiday can be an overwhelming experience since you’re desperate for everything to be perfect. Well worry no more as this guide will cover everything you need to know about your very first Ibiza holiday.

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Villas in Alanya

Villas in Alanya has for some time now been a popular choice for anybody wanting to purchase a second home as a holiday home, real estate in Turkey is a booming business with many tourists spending a small percentage of their time viewing Turkish property whilst on holiday.

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Marrakech Guided Tour

Trip to Northern Morocco (8 days)

Day 1: Fès

Fès is the cultural and religious center of Morocco. A shuttle will pick you up at either airport or main station and take you to your hotel.

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