Cremation is the reduction of the body into ashes and bone fragments by fire. This option is a very personal choice. There are both positive and negative views to cremation.

The positive view has the attributes of practical, cheaper, ashes, no casket, and the soul leaves the body. Whereas the attribute of soul leaves the body has a spiritual benefit which leads directly to deep religious convictions, the other attributes bring about a variety of more down to earth benefits.

Cremation is practical because it saves space in urban areas which is important because of freedom and social welfare. This is a concern for those who would rather see the land used for socially beneficial things such as parks.

The ceremony surrounding death is also more convenient and hence easier on the family without the hassle of a coffin and funeral home.

The remains allow contentment as they can be distributed anywhere the deceased wanted. They are more dignified as they keep the body out of the earth and the subsequent deterioration. Ashes can be saved in urns and kept close by the surviving loved ones.

If you should choose to have your loved one cremated, you must also then decide what to do with the cremated remains. One option is to scatter the remains over either land or water. You may also have the cremated remains buried or placed in a columbarium at a cemetery . Many may place the remains in an urn which can then be kept by the survivors.

The negative view holds cremation to destroy the body of a loved one — and thus be against the values of love, family and ultimately God.

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