Französisch von unten – Leben Mal Sieben” by German author Wolfgang A. Gogolin tells the story of the fussy accountant Juste Simon and the stray cat Merlin, an unusual duo brought together by a car accident with incredible consequences.

Sometimes, Juste Simon thinks that he is the only upright person left in Arnaud, a coastal small town in Normandy. Life could be so idyllic and harmonic here if it wasn’t for all the immoral ploys and schemes which are happening both out in the open and underhand: dark oracles, adultery, or even murder or the planning of deadly intrigues – the town seems safe from nothing. Since the corrupted mayor Laval is a part of a lot of it, Simon receives a lot of the bad news first hand through his job at the town hall. Laval’s newest plan is to close both the kindergarten and the, admittedly shabby, church to built a brothel instead. Where will all this lead to? But even Simon’s private life is in ruins. Even though the divorce from his now ex-wife Marguerite happened two years ago, he still can’t let go of the bliss of married life. No wonder he thinks he has finally lost his mind when he, after a car accident involving a stray cat called Merlin, begins to see blue numbers appear on the forehead of numerous people and animals. And if that wasn’t strange enough, Simon has to come to the realization that these numbers indicate their wearer’s date of death. At least, he isn’t alone in this: Merlin can see the numbers, too. And so, the adventure begins for both Simon and Merlin, who during that time passes through all his seven lives, with all their highest and lowest points. But not only the unusual duo but all the town’s people, friends or enemies, are changed forever by these five eventful days…

“Französisch von unten – Leben mal sieben” is scheduled to be published as e-book and paperback on April 5th, 2019 by the Karina-Verlag in Vienna. Both editions are already available for ordering in advance through the publisher’s website or on Amazon. And it is only the beginning: “Französisch von unten – Leben mal sieben” is the first part of a trilogy. The second book, “Französisch von unten – Sieben mal geplagt” is currently being worked on and is said to be published in 2020; the final part, “Französisch von unten – Sieben Tode”, ist planned for 2021.

Wolfgang A. Gogolin, born in 1957, has a lot of experience as an author despite his actual job being that of a judicial officer: in addition to numerous publications in magazines and anthologies, he has written nine books to date. His works range from short stories and novellas to full-length novels and have been published by various publishing companies. His first literary footsteps into France happened in 2013, when he published the novel “Dunkles Licht in heller Nacht” which is set in Paris.

Additionally, the passionate gourmet regularly reviews cookbooks for a range of publishers as well as restaurants for the website

Gogolin is married and lives in Hamburg.