Ok, now that you’ve set yourself up with a fitness and training logbook you’re well on your way to discovering what makes your body tick. Keeping track of your workouts and nutrition will start piling up some solid data on your progress (or lack thereof). While it’s great to accumulate all of this data, it doesn’t do you any good if you just let it sit there! You need to look through your books every once in a while to see some trends and to judge whether or not your latest workouts are doing the job that they’re supposed to.

I recommend that you look through your books every six months or so. Most people can remember how things were working for the past six months, but before that things get fuzzy. If you wait too long between looking at your book then you could spend a lot of time going down the wrong track, and nobody benefits from wasted time.

I do recommend you check your log book before you go into the gym for the last week’s workouts, just so you know what you have to measure yourself against and improve. This will take all of the subjective BS out of your workouts and force you to face the facts of whether you’re improving or not.

To help you with your examination of your old books, I’ve compiled a few questions to ask yourself while you’re reading. The answers to these questions will help you really get a laser focus on what’s working and what isn’t.

1. Am I making progress RIGHT NOW? Was I making progress six months ago? 1 year? 2 years? If the results are different, what’s changed?

2. Does life stress affect my training progress?

3. Do I achieve more results in more or less sleep?

4. Do I have more successful workouts in the morning or the evening?

5. Does having a trainer or training partner help me achieve better results?

6. How has my nutrition around my workouts affected their quality?

7. Have I been sticking with one exercise or program too long?

8. Have I been jumping programs too frequently and spinning my wheels?

As you look through your book answer these questions and I think you’ll find some interesting results!