Month: March 2019

Who’s the Boss? Not the Trainer, Apparently!

Ok, so I don’t talk about other trainers much.  I feel that my training stands alone and what others do is generally not my concern.  Every once in a while I see something hysterical or really good and I take notice, but otherwise, I generally let people do their own thing.

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“Französisch von unten – Leben Mal Sieben” the book by Wolfgang A. Gogolin

Französisch von unten – Leben Mal Sieben” by German author Wolfgang A. Gogolin tells the story of the fussy accountant Juste Simon and the stray cat Merlin, an unusual duo brought together by a car accident with incredible consequences.

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How Do I Review My Fitness Log Book?

Ok, now that you’ve set yourself up with a fitness and training logbook you’re well on your way to discovering what makes your body tick. Keeping track of your workouts and nutrition will start piling up some solid data on your progress (or lack thereof). While it’s great to accumulate all of this data, it doesn’t do you any good if you just let it sit there! You need to look through your books every once in a while to see some trends and to judge whether or not your latest workouts are doing the job that they’re supposed to.

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