“We want to make it a source of quality products for buyers of good taste, like traditional department stores, with guaranteed quality, good compensation policies and more convenient payment methods,” Taobao.

With thousands of sellers and millions of items on sale, TaoBao is China´s biggest online shopping marketplace. An ideal place to find the best deals on the net, from branded products, electronics, chinese and western art and many many more.

TaoBao is also known as part of the Alibaba Group, Taobao is China’s answer to Ebay and Amazon. It is an online marketplace for domestic buyers and dominates 80% of the market share in the country. Sellers are able to post new or used goods on Taobao at a fixed price or by auction. Since it is geared towards the domestic market, Taobao requires a form of payment called Alipay that requires either a Chinese bank account or to go through various domestic venues to top up. Unlike on Alibaba, Taobao sellers do not speak English.

Due to the vast amount of sellers and items on sale, TaoBao shops are constantly offering very competitive products, with increasing quality, services and low prices. All this benefits us, buyers, and is what makes TaoBao the greatest place on the net for shopping.

But TaoBao is not only famous for its millions of items on sale and their customer satisfaction. TaoBao is well known for being one of the safest place to shopping online, and the reason of that is AliPay, TaoBao´s online payment system.

When buying in TaoBao, buyers will use Alipay to send the payment to the seller. Alipay won´t give the money to the buyer until the seller acknowledge them that he has received all the items and he is satisfied with them.

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