Are you a penny pincher looking for cheap web hosting? Look no further than your favorite search engine. There are numerous cheap web hosting companies out there that would be thrilled to host your web site for little or nothing. Are these just nice people wanting to help you out while times are tough? Not hardly. There is method to cheap web hosting services’ madness and you are the vehicle that will help them move their own businesses along – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

When you have your web site designed and are ready to launch it on the Internet for all surfers to see, it’s time to start shopping for website hosting services. But is a cheap web hosting service really what you’re looking for? It just might be. Then again, it might not.

Before you buy into a cheap web hosting service, ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my web site?” There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are so many reasons people post web sites that it would take hours to list them all. If you are launching an eBusiness, cheap is probably not the way to go. But then, if you want to make family photos available to friends and family members or if you want to start up a special interest group focused on yo-yos, then cheap web hosting might be the very best answer for you.

There are some things you need to remember about cheap web hosting services. The first is that they are likely in the business to make money (just like everybody else). If they are not charging you enough money to even sustain a very large server, regardless of how many customers they have, then they are probably making money through advertising. That’s a noble quest, but what it could mean for you is that your visitors (and potential customers) will be targeted with annoying pop-up ads, flashing banners and other features they might not like. If you’re looking for something secure, a cheap web hosting service might not be able to offer you the security you need if you’re planning to operate an eBusiness. So it’s up to you. Decide what your purpose is and purchase server space accordingly. If you are just looking for experience and testing your web page building skills, you can even find free web hosting services out there that will be most happy to accommodate you! The first place to look for free space on a server is with your own Internet service provider. They often build the cost of web server space into your monthly fees so you are paying the same amount of money whether you use that service or not!