Using a bunion splint can provide great relief from pain from bunions, especially if used with better, well-fitting shoes that have ample room for toes. A bunion is a bony protrusion of the great toe joint that can cause friction and pain when wearing shoes.

The bunion splint for example works overnight to lengthen muscles and tendons in your toe and foot. The bunion splint straps your toe firmly in position, th soft foam soothes the tender area.

Most bunion splint can be extremely effective at stretching tight tendons and toe muscles, so it’s important to use a bunion splint if you have severe pain and want to avoid surgical intervention. Use of an anti-inflammatory while this treatment may also help.

Not sure you have a bunion? See the below symptoms to find out.

Do You Have a Bunion?

Bunion pain and other symptoms show up in many different ways. Some people have bunions, but do not have any negative symptoms that would cause other problems.

  • The first and most obvious indication that you have a bunion is that your toes has changed shape? Does it seem to be curving inward toward the other toes? If so, you most likely have a bunion.
  • Other symptoms of bunion pain include swelling, redness or pain of the joint at the base of the big toe.