So you’re thinking of planning your first ever trip to Ibiza? This wondrous island offers everything, from sun kissed relaxation to partying like there is no tomorrow. However, planning a holiday can be an overwhelming experience since you’re desperate for everything to be perfect. Well worry no more as this guide will cover everything you need to know about your very first Ibiza holiday.

How do I get there?

Of course flights vary on price depending on when you visit and who you’re travelling with, but the main thing you need to know is that Ibiza has only one international airport. To get there you’ll need to book with one of the following airlines;

Cheap Flights
British Airways

When should I go?

Well, that depends on what you type of holiday you’re after. The end of May right through to the start June sees the islands brilliant opening parties. This is basically when bars and clubs try to compete with each other by showcasing some of the most extravagant parties you’ll ever attend. Filled with beautiful dancers, live music and all night drinking, it’s impossible not to have fun.

As you can expect, the summer months of July and August are when everything on the island is guaranteed to be open. From restaurants and bars, to jet skiing and other water sports, these are the months to come if you’re after a variety of things to do. It’s also when Radio 1 hosts an August weekend filled with the biggest tunes of the year to see you through the night.

Any time after September is when Ibiza is at its quietest and is the key time to explore this gorgeous island without it bursting at the seams with party animals. There are plenty of luscious locations found on the island and you’ll rarely tire of taking in such picturesque scenery.

Which is the best resort?

Again, this is entirely dependant on your tastes. Playa D’en Bossa is brilliant for those of you who want that chilled out holiday feeling mixed in with odd beach bars. The Bora Bora beach bar in particular is a lot of open-air fun and often lets you gorge in a fantastic foam party.

San Antonio on the other hand, is absolutely mental, in-your-face fun! The streets are lined with some of the islands most popular clubs and it’s constantly booming with life day and night.


Things to watch out for

Whilst Ibiza is literally a paradise for the party animal, there are a few things you need to watch out for –

  • Clubs in Ibiza can often attract some very shady characters. Be careful who you meet. Not everyone is a white knight in shining armour. Always let your friends know where you’re going.
  • It goes without saying that drugs are bad, don’t take them.
  • Most club owners know each other. Don’t smuggle drinks into clubs or you’ll end up getting banned from more than one place.
  • Random drug searching is quite common in larger towns. Being caught with illegal substances could land you in a big bad Spanish prison!

What is there to do besides drink?

Of course you can’t possibly spend every waking moment intoxicated. Or can you? For those that wish to do something a little different you can take numerous boat tours, ride a catamaran, jet ski or venture into the Agua Mar water park in Playa D’en Bossa. There is also lots of diving to be done if you want to explore the Mediterranean sea beds, not to mention plenty of gorgeous scenery and old cobbled markets to discover. For those who like to mix the sea and the party there are the Ibiza boat parties. Apart from enjoying the Ibiza boat party, you will have the possibility of observing the marvelous coast of Ibiza!


As it’s a Spanish island you can definitely expect it to be scorching nine times out of ten. During the summer the temperature can reach around 30 degrees Celsius and in the winter it may drop to a minimum of 9. Just make sure you’re equipped with plenty of factor 30.

Quick Tips

  • Clubs open from midnight and close at 6am. 1.30am to 3am sees the biggest queues – just a heads up!
  • As I said earlier, make use of the clubs PR’s
  • Try to purchase tickets before arriving at a club
  • If you see a camera crew, avoid at all costs unless you want your drunken state displayed all over TV when you get home
  • Have as much fun as possible!