Locally owned and operated, RAM Pest Control Services brings superior pest and rodent control services to residential and commercial properties in the Chicago area. Undesirable pests can take refuge in even the cleanest of homes. RAM Pest Control has maintenance programs designed to meet the individual needs of each home or business owner we serve.

Licensed and insured, we are trained to inspect and pinpoint various hiding spots where insects or rodents may infest and reproduce. These unwelcomed pests search for areas which provide moisture, food and a controlled environment. Don’t risk not finding the problem until after insect and rodent residences have already been implanted, as reproduction accelerates once they become established.

Additionally, RAM Pest Control also covers your ornamental tree and shrub needs, as well as any lawn care issues, including fertilization, weed control, insect and disease control and white fly control.

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RAM Pest Control is prepared to tackle any pest control issue your home or business may be experiencing. We have the products and tools to tackle ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, silverfish and bed bugs. Don’t be bugged by unwanted pests any longer! Call our highly trained staff at RAM Pest Control today!

Rodents pose a bigger problem than just the typical uneasiness of them crawling around in your home or business. Uncontrolled rodent populations can create health hazards due to the dust of their dried fecal matter. Additionally, they can chew through drywall and wiring, creating fire hazards. Don’t wait until the problem has gotten out of control. Call RAM Pest Control today and let our experts get your house or business back to being safe and sound.