First know the beard style right for you

If you have never grown a beard of any kind or type before, but are considering doing so now, then having a few tips to trim beard and style beard on hand, before you set out, can help you be more successful growing your beard and to trim beard on the long run.

By following the instructions in this guide to trim beard, you can ensure that you will end up with a perfect looking beard which will not only suit you but be the envy of lots of bearded guys who think that growing a beard is just a matter of growing facial hair.

Make Sure You Have the Time to Allow Your Facial Hair to Grow:

The most important thing before you trim beard is to ensure that you have the time and you are committed to allowing your facial hair to grow. You don’t wan’t to be the guy that starts growing a beard and can’t trim and groom their beard. Besides, you can’t really start styling, grooming and trimming your beard until you have one to style. Sad to say too, this takes a while – time needed for your beard is grow out enough to style – during which you will look a bit scruffy.

If this fine with you, you also need to consider any adverse effect this growing out phase might have on your career or your employer or relationships. In some instances, my friends and I have to wait until vacation time rolls in before attempting to grow enough facial hair to create any style of beard at all.

Next, choose the right style before your next beard trimming session

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, your beard can a man’s best ally or his worst enemies. I personally have found incredible friends through beard clubs, gotten tons of compliments from random strangers, and have had my career skyrocket. All these can happen to you because it does happen not only to me but to my friends.

Choosing the right style involves making a choice on one that enhances your best features and to help disguise those features that are less attractive. In addition, you need to choose the best beard styling to fit the shape of your face in order for you to have a good trim beard. Check our guide to choosing the best beard style that fits the shape of your face.

Next beard trimming tip is knowing where to trim

Hopefully, you must have chosen the beard style that suits your face shape, if you haven’t read our blog post here. You should have done your pre-trim beard ritual such as washing, drying, combing. Always remember that Beard Hairs are easiest to control when they are clean, dried.

After this, the next beard trimming tip is for you to comb it to straighten your hairs and get a true idea of which one needs trimming.

Now to the crux of the matter – where to trim. Deciding and knowing where to trim beard might take time to figure and some discomfort if you it’s not done properly. Here are some precautions and guides to ensure a proper trim beard:

  • Mind the Neck line: Imagine a curved line that connects the back of each ear. Shave below this line.
  • Fade the Neckline for a smooth gradient. Two options: Clean and sharp beard line or Fading neckline with a smooth transition.
  • Do a diagonal philtrum snip for a tidy mustache. Doing this alone with give your mustache symmetry and direction.
  1. Comb mustache to both sides, down the middle of the philtrum. The philtrum is just below the septum of the nose.
  2. Use a pair of scissors , cut a small, upside down V at the base of the philtrum.

Hope we have given you the best tips to trim beard. If you found this information useful please do share it with your friends. And keep visiting to find more useful information about beard growth. This was all from our trim beard guide.