The Irish on board

Around the mid 19th century new faces appeared on the block. Their appearance reflected deep sadness and endless hunger. Nevertheless, their eyes glittered with an unexplainable hope. Ship after ship called at our port, and hundreds of anxious immigrants disembarked, The Irish Famine drove people away from their homeland in the hope of a new beginning to such an extent that they soon grew to form one fourth of the city population. Continue reading The Irish on board

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First know the beard style right for you

If you have never grown a beard of any kind or type before, but are considering doing so now, then having a few tips to trim beard and style beard on hand, before you set out, can help you be more successful growing your beard and to trim beard on the long run.

By following the instructions in this guide to trim beard, you can ensure that you will end up with a perfect looking beard which will not only suit you but be the envy of lots of bearded guys who think that growing a beard is just a matter of growing facial hair. Continue reading COMPLETE GUIDE TO TRIM SHORT AND LONG BEARD.