Spring has Sprung

Spring is springing up all over and you may want to start thinking about putting away the braises, stews and heavy offerings that sustain us all through the winter and start thinking about food that is more appropriate to the coming season. When you are deciding what to cook, you want to strive for balance, for the perfect mix of elements that will provide the ideal foundation for the seasonal enjoyment of a dish. Continue reading Spring has Sprung

Oil and Gas Recruitment Companies And Their Increasing Need

Oil and gas companies are said to be one of the richest companies simply because they gain these materials from natural resources. Gaining from natural resources needs survey and technical knowledge. This takes less investment but huge profits in return. Oil and gas companies works in two dividends i.e. out stream jobs and downstream jobs. The engineers who have certified degree in gas and oil field still move here and there job less. Reason is the deficiency of recruitment companies. Continue reading Oil and Gas Recruitment Companies And Their Increasing Need

The Irish on board

Around the mid 19th century new faces appeared on the block. Their appearance reflected deep sadness and endless hunger. Nevertheless, their eyes glittered with an unexplainable hope. Ship after ship called at our port, and hundreds of anxious immigrants disembarked, The Irish Famine drove people away from their homeland in the hope of a new beginning to such an extent that they soon grew to form one fourth of the city population. Continue reading The Irish on board